Vacation pictures:

Click any picture for a larger view. They themselves are the result of either shrinking or cropping a still larger image.


The VLA (Very Large Array), New Mexico.


Interesting features in the southern Rockies and deserts. Anticlines, colored strata and criss-crossing lineaments. The Colorado River, with Parker Dam and Lake Havasu, is the border between Arizona and California.


My parent's garden in California. Tradescantia (spiderwort), Cymbidium orchids, and fruit trees.


Desert botany. Cacti, Echinocereus engelmannii, Opuntia basilarus, O. bigelovii, Opuntia species
(hedgehog cactus, beavertail cactus jumping cholla, and cholla species respectively).
Second row; Yucca schidegera, Fouqueria splendens, Encelia farinosa
(Mojave yucca, ocotillo, and brittle bush respectively).


Petroglyphs and an oasis near the lower Colorado River. Lizard is Chuckwalla, Sauromalus obesus.

Desert skylines

Springs with native palms near Palm Springs, also small native ferns and succulents. Cloak fern, Cheilanthes parryi and Live-forever, Dudleya saxosa.

A cultivated cactus garden in Palm Springs

Southern California scenes and botany. Three pics of chalk lettuce, Dudleya pulverulenta, also a blue-eyed grass, and heron bill, Erodium texanum.

The trip back, more air photos; Long Beach Harbor, Newport Harbor, an oilfield in Texas, and the Atlanta Airport.