Fall 2003 trip to Portland, Oregon

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The plane ride over the Colorado Plateau and Rockies. Right-hand image is near Grand Junction,
where the metamorphic basement complex rocks (right and center) go under the lighter colored
sedimentary rocks of the Colorado Plateau (lower left).

Mount St. Helens area: Ferns in woods,
landscape still covered with ash from May 18, 1980 eruption,
and Mount Saint Helens, south side, courtesy of clear-cut logging.

Lava "karstic" pits, lava domes, and cave from an ancient lava flow.


Below; Cannon Beach, and Haystack Rock, Oregon

Umpqua River. Narrow watercourse is artificially deepened flume.

Stabilized dunes, Oregon Coast

Oregon coastal scenery, and some washed up seeweed

Salt Lake desert from the air.